Ordering a permit has never been easier!

It's a two stage process to obtain a new or replacement permit.

First of all please fill in the form below with all your details.

If you are a Tenant then we at Devere must check with your Letting Agent/Management Company to confirm your details and that you live at the property. These checks are carried out the same day as your request for a permit. It only takes a few hours to verify your details so keep an eye out for an email from us which will state that you can now pay for your permit.

If you are a homeowner then we will contact you promptly. 

Once we have done our checks then we will contact you for payment of a permit. This can be paid online via the front page of our website. Permits are £20 including delivery.

For example, Flat 6 Juniper Court. You must include a flat number if you live in a block of flats.
For example, House & Son in Bournemouth
Please supply a home and/or mobile number